Subculture Shock (subshock) wrote,
Subculture Shock

October 24, 2004

Eisbrecher [wilkommen im nichts]
Rammstein [mein teil]
Inkubus Sukkubus [paint it black]
The Damned [democracy]
Dispossessed [half life]
Cranes [lillies -flood mx] [sr]
The Faint [drop kick the punks]
The Cruxshadows [cassandra - ego likeness rmx]
The Last Dance [violet's wedding]
The Church [under the milky way] [sr]
Asrai [in front of me]
Voltaire [god thinks]
Adrian Alexis [i want to be a vampire]
Rasputina [if your kisses can't hold...]
Depeche Mode [blasphemous rumours]
Rosetta Stone [cimmerian]
The Smiths [the queen is dead]
Bauhaus [dark entries]
Anathema Device [confused, deranged and despoiled]
Faith And The Muse [shattered in aspect]
Duran Duran [save a prayer]
Deathstars [semi-automatic]
Wolfsheim [kein zuruk]
modern English [ricochet days]
Sisters Of Mercy [body and soul]

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