Subculture Shock (subshock) wrote,
Subculture Shock

HALLOWEEN! October 31, 2004

The Birthday Party [release the bats]
Birthday Massacre [horror show]
Faith And The Muse [through the pale door]
Specimen [sharp teeth, pretty teeth]
E nomine [wolfen]
The Cramps [goo goo muck]
Screaming Dead [creature of the night]
The Misfits [halloween] [sr]
Siouxsie And The Banshees [halloween]
Shriekback [nemesis]
type o negative [black no. 1]
the Brides [the strange passing of john coal]
Voltaire [the vampire club] [sr]
with guest DJ Spinmistress Sugar Hiccup!

Penis Flytrap [cemetery girl]
Cinema Strange [lindsay's trachea]
Rob Zombie [living dead girl] [r]
Fear Cult [drop dead - demo]
Bauhaus [she's in parties]
Virgin Prunes [baby turns blue]
The Damned [smash it up]
Christian Death [spiritual cramp]
Danny Elfman [this is halloween - demo]
Bella Morte [funeral night]
Sneaky Bat Machine [disco for the dead]
Duran Duran [hungry like the wolf]
Wesley Willis [vampire bat]
Inkubus Sukkubus [samhain]

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