Subculture Shock (subshock) wrote,
Subculture Shock

Fundraiser: September 26, 2004

I'm not sure where the one for the 19th went. I'll add it if I find it. O_o

This Ascension [mysterium]
The Faint [dropkick the punks]
Silent Muse [through my fingers]
No Gods No Monsters [wicked moth]
Ego Likeness [16 miles]
Phantom Vision [after the chaos]
Bella Morte [a light in the window]
Rammstein [mein teil]
Second Skin [the east]
Radio Scarlet [sat on a wall]
Rock And Roll Star Destroyer [rarsd]
Mortiis [smell the witch]
In Tenebris [a letter to a stranger]
Cave Of Graves [undead]
Atomic Box [whitewash - live at the dawning!]
Venus Hum [montana]
The Drowning Season [viscious]
Malice In Leatherland [happy death now]
Sunshine Blind [h4y]
De/Vision [moments we shared]
Throbbing Gristle [united]

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