Subculture Shock (subshock) wrote,
Subculture Shock

October 17, 2004

Another gap; I'll post 'em if I find 'em!

with briskpepper, silent_muse, and rat_bastard!

Gene Loves Jezebel [speak my language]
Type O Negative [angry inch]
The Flying Pickets [only you]
Deftones [the chauffeur]
Bauhaus [telegram sam]
Bella Morte [funeral night]
Ego Likeness [hydra]
Void Stares Back [evergrey]
New Model Army [the hunt - live]
Killing Joke [the wait]
Joy Division [shadowplay]
Modern English [rainbow's end]
Stabbing Westward [bizzare love triangle]
Uranuim 235 [scent explosion]
Concrete Blonde [bloodletting]
Freezepop [i am not your gameboy]
Rammstein [stripped - kmfdm rmx]
ThouShaltNot [polarity]
The Misfits [die, die my darling]
Jesus And Mary Chain [taste of cindy]
1000 Homo DJs [supernaut]
Echo And The Bunnymen [never stop]
:wumpscut: [down where we belong]

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