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Tonight at the Dawning will feature DJ silent_muse, normally one of your Crazy Co-Hosts of SubShock. 10pm-3am in the Basement of the Outback Lodge in Charlottesville. Not confirmed, but it is believed that door is $4 for over 21, $6 for under. So break away from the slumbering family and come Rock the Holidays Goodbye in style!
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"I think I've yet to hear a female voice on the phone. You just get all the luck. . ."

Well, between DJ John Coal (fiendmorte) being in the studio and giving us a fabulous preview of what you can expect at his upcoming gigs, and some girl calling in requests from her bathtub, the selections for SubShock were all over the board tonight, and I call that a rip-roaring success. Thanks be to everyone that called in, came in, or just plain listened. Tonight rocked, pure and simple.

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I hope you all had as much fun listening to that show as we did doing it. Don't forget to check out DJ John Coal at _sacrosanct_Monday, December 20 (that's tonight, folks. . .) and DJ Solieri of Subshock will be giving you a Christmas in Black at The Dawning this Saturday, December 25. Really. . . what more could you ask for?
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Tonight on Subshock!

It's Sunday night at that means another two hours of Goth, Industrial, Darkwave and Deathrock with Subculture Shock on 91.9 WNRN (or online) from 10pm to Midnight. We've got brand new stuff from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, ThouShaltNot, and much more as well as your Requests. Seriously, folks. . . there a song you haven't heard for a while or something you think everyone else should hear? Give us a call on the Studio Line at 434 979 0919 or toll free 1 877 967 6762. Otherwise briskpepper and silent_muse will just have to talk to each other. . .
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Angst Never Sounded So Good

It's Sunday, at that means another 2 hours of Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, and Death Rock are heading your way tonight with SubCulture Shock on WNRN 91.9 or online at wnrn.rlc.net. We've got new. We've got classic. We've got two DJs in desperate need of lobotomies. And hell, we even take request. 434 979 0919 or 1 877 967 6762. 10pm - Midnight. The spookiest way to spend your Sunday. . .
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"In the Home Country, Music listens to You. . ."

Notes for tonight:

silent_muse is now officially a Psychic-Request DJ, as he managed, on more than one occasion, to play songs people planned to request mere minutes before they actually dialed the station. However, these amazing mental powers prevent him from remembering phone numbers.

briskpepper may very well be the first NRN host to be offered a blowjob over the phone for playing a request. This theory is still being researched.

Monday has now been officially renamed Friday.

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Fans of Subshock: make sure you come out to the Dawning on Saturday, December 4th, as DJ Solieri makes his Club Debut. From the airwaves to the dancefloor, you know it's gonna be a good time!
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Only the Goth Shit

Once a week on 91.9 WNRN, Subculture Shock grabs hold of the airwaves with the grasp of Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, and Death Rock, and refuses to let go for two hours. Tonight it happens again.

Okay. . . on a less pretentious note, it's Sunday and time for Subshock again, on 91.9, 88.1, or online at wnrn.rlc.net from 10pm - Midnight EST. briskpepper and silent_muse have a hurricane of a show in store for you tonight, including tracks from the brand new Asleep by Dawn DJ Ferret compilation among other new cuts and timeless Goth Rock. Requests are always welcome by calling, toll free, 1 877 967 6762. If you ask really nicely, Stu might even use his "sexy voice."
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