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Our second "alone shift" for Subculture Shock seemed to go pretty well. We had more callers this time too, though regrettedly we're still rookies and so can sometimes be panicking over what we do next instead of noticing that the phone light is blinking. However, that's something that can only improve over time, so thanks be to all those who tried to call in at least, and for all those who listened as well.

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Be sure to join us again next week, as things promise to just keep getting better from here.
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It's Sunday. . .

And that means it's time to get ready for two hours of the best Goth, Industrial, Darkwave and Deathrock you can get in this town (if anywhere): Subculture Shock tonight at from 10pm-Midnight on 91.9 WNRN or Online at wnrn.rlc.net under "Audio Stream."

Tonight, briskpepper and silent_muse have another great show up for you, including new tracks from IKON and Media Violence among others, as well as a look back into the Subshock and Dawning club hits of the past. As always, we'll be taking requests, so give us a call at 434 979 0919 or toll-free 877 967 6762. Tune in and enjoy!
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"We are the inheritors. . ."

Hey, folks. silent_muse here. Tonight marked the night that briskpepper and I took the reigns of SubCulture Shock and went a-racin' as fast as we could (in other words, xiane is gone and missed and we tried to fumble through in her place, as we will continue to do from now on). We hope all those that listened in enjoyed themselves, and be sure to continue to listen in every Sunday at 10pm EST on WNRN 91.9 or online at wnrn.rlc.net. Requests are always welcome.

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By the way...

This is Chris Knight, aka DJ Xiane, aka xiane, signing off.

Next up to the mic is Stuart Templeton, Patrick Allen, and Will Evans. Expect greatness from them, and hopefully more timely playlist posts ;)

Goodbye, airwaves of Central Virginia.

November 7, 2004 - My last Subshock.

Here are a bunch of artists/tracks I think you should own!
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It's been super to be the host of Subculture Shock all this time. Thank you for listening in, and for calling, and for promoting the show and donating and just being the most super audience ever.
And HUGE thanks go out to every band who has ever contributed songs or time and effor to the show... and all the people who came in to guest DJ or answer phones. You helped to build this show to what it is, and I beg you to keep supporting it!